Four Athens 2015: Building the Athens Startup Community

We are going to nominate talent as the word of the year in 2014 at Four Athens.  Much of the year, and our time, was spent connecting entrepreneurs with skilled individuals, identifying gaps in the talent pool, and helping to train the next generation of developers, entrepreneurs, and skilled service providers.  By the numbers, we added 53 new members, our member companies hired over 70 people (through end of Q32014), and we worked with 5 companies that received funding this year.

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It's all about the people

I spend a lot of time convincing (or trying to convince) entrepreneurs & founders that they are more important to their business than their idea or product. Starting out, it seems most people want to believe all they need to do is have a great idea or build a pretty product and they'll be successful. Ultimately, what matters most are the people behind the opportunity. I believe that if you put the right people, in a big enough market, with enough runway, they'll figure out how to make a successful company. Unfortunately, those are a lot of big ifs.

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Patent Reform

This is a guest blog post by Matt Hoots, a patent attorney with SRTS, located in Athens, GA.

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